In the nine months following the end of 2020, we sit soberly reflecting on not only the revolutionary moments of the previous year, but also the realistic outcome of the remaining months of 2021. We didn’t change back to a carriage at the stroke of midnight on January 1st nor on Inauguration Day, and the world is skeptical that the hopes and plans people had for the summer — and then pushed to the fall — may ever happen at all.

The pandemic specifically bore a dire moment for the music industry. In an era when streaming numbers and subscriptions…

What does art created during slavery and the Confederacy have to do with the Civil Rights Movement? A lot

Sam Cooke, who wrote and recorded “A Change Is Gonna Come” in 1964

“We Shall Overcome,” “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and “Amazing Grace” were all key musical drivers of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement of 1950–1970. Each of their strengths lies in their songwriting and key performances, but also their histories and inspiration drew from slavery and the U.S. Confederacy.

Throughout segregated America from the 1800s through the Civil Rights Amendment of 1964 and well into today, music has been used to inform and strengthen both sides of America’s most divisive fights and darkest parts in its history. In its very short, yet non-inconsequential life of just five years from 1861–1865, the…

New York City will choose its next mayor this June, and for the first time, the hotly contested (and mostly criticized) role will be chosen through ranked-choice voting. Can the City roll out an effective introduction to the process and will its voters relish in the method’s likely award of neutrality?

Image from NY1

Ranked-choice voting (RCV) simply is an alternative to the popular vote. Voters this summer will be asked to rank their chosen candidates in order of preference. Then when tallying the votes, if no candidate received more than 50% of the first-choice (popular) votes, the contest will move to an…

With the passing of the Music Modernization Act came a cautious, collective sigh from the music industry and songwriting community — but has its missing digital and data management doomed its success already?

Computer interface with data showing and connected to hard drives
Computer interface with data showing and connected to hard drives

The Music Modernization Act (MMA) provided a critical update to copyright law in the U.S., and was the result of decades of lobbying and requests for reform from the creative community. Due in large part to the prevalence and reliance on technology and digital streaming, this rapid growth and drastic evolution resulted in a 42-year long legislative lag that left the creative community behind. One of the…

Alex Kelly

Music business student from Brooklyn whose chosen hill to die on is that the music industry needs to innovate through digital asset management & placemaking.

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